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Lately it’s been solemnly grey, thick clouds covering the sky.
Waking up – it’s grey
going out – it’s grey
looking out – still grey

One must get tired.

Still, on the inside, making up a fire, reheating the kettle over and over again.
Slow movements, treating one self to something sweet – a home baked cake.

Try not to let the weather take over the mood, but it’s hard.

Morning yoga on the mat, while the dawn is breaking, lighting a candle. Breathing slow.

Time is moving for an even slower life, much time to be spent on the couch, reading, watching.

Still, miss the colourful days of autumn. Warming sun.

What we have infront of us is still to come, so let it come.

My memories of the autumn just gone will live for a while longer.

And when the winter finally arrives I will embrace it.

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