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First post!

av | maj 14, 2019 | 2019, About everything, English posts, My journey

It is time to dust of this blog! For quite some time I’ve been longing to get going but as usual I stop myself with other things that seem more important. But today is that day when I’ve received so many messages that I just can’t ignore it anymore.

It has been ages I know. But as life goes there are ebb and flow – times when you need to take a break and figure things out only to come out a little bit wiser and more on point. Well hopefully 😉

I’d like to think I’m a little bit different now as time has moved. Life has led me to a place where I’m constantly evolving as a woman, as a human as a living being on this beautiful earth. I am opening up like a flower, petal by petal shedding the old self, taking all my past learning meeting my shadow healing everything that has been, everything that has shaped me to the one I am today.

So what have I been up to? First of all I have finally become a mother. For you who read my blog in the past know that we struggled for some years. But our son finally came last year in April six weeks to early so we started our life at the hospital but today over a year later you wouldn’t believe he was poorly then. He is a vibrant lively kid full of mischief and love.

Furthermore I’m concentrating on my own business now which is so exciting! To help me shape it the way it suits me I have joined a course for female entrepreneurs with amazing support from each other and our fantastic mentor Kirsi. To do this for me and my business is so worth it because I’ve been struggling with trying to fit in the “business” thinking the way you are taught it should be like. It does not suit my creative process and my life. I want to create a business that goes with my soul, that brings me joy and happiness that supports me all the way. So this is where I am right now. Figuring things out.

This morning I walked out to our little forest behind our house, the sun was shining and I felt so blessed. I found a tree that spoke to me I leaned against her with my cheek to her steady body. She told me to focus on my inspired dream, my wildest dream that I have. When I got inside I pulled a card out of Wild Animal Spirit oracle deck, The Owl and her message that something fantastic is on its way and that I have something to share with the world. Later on I got totally obsessed with the lyrics of the newfound artist Fia, her words spoke directly to my soul and I got the message loud and clear. So here I am, my first post in ages.

I’m not going to promise anything right now but I hope you want to follow me on my spiritual journey. I’m gonna write in English or Swedish as I feel like. All I know is that I want to plan something magical for magical women. ✬✬✬


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Hi I’m Erika and author of this site. I am highly sensitive and introvert, a creative soul living in the Swedish countryside. My aim is to find and inspire likeminded women by sharing content that I hope resonates with you. In the future I have plans to come even closer by offering a sister circle and maybe even a retreat too! Hope you feel intrigued to know more – I surely hope to get to know you.