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This year is coming to an end. And I’ve been spending it the best way possible by having the house to myself for few days. I needed this to contemplate over the year that has passed and the one who is entering. These past two days I’ve been staying at home doing my bullet journal, setting some goals for the year, done a tarot spread for the year, watched some documentaries and movies. All in all I’ve been nurturing myself the best way possible.


At first I thought about doing a number of posts summering up on what has happened during 2016. But I changed my mind. These past weeks I’ve reached a different state of mind, Yes, I’ve been very tired mentally but I’ve also felt tired of updating myself on social media. Perhaps because when I’m feeling low I just don’t want to.

What did I do during 2016? 

When I first thought about the past year I felt I hadn’t really fulfilled my dreams. I hadn’t started my business like I was set up to do. I wasn’t working from home as much as I had hoped. I was and I am still struggling with some aspects of life. So I sat down to write down all the stuff that I did have accomplished and there were many. Regardless of what that may be I do feel the most important lesson is that I’m in a much better place now.


It’s easy to get stuck staring at things that others can acknowledge, what have I done that others have liked. Take Instagram for example I post photos in order to get likes. Some might even comment. It gives me a short rush of excitement, which sadly disappears a minute later. Sure I do think I have found likeminded people with whom I share the same interests and I do love it for that, but at the end of the day they can´t fulfil my deeper needs.

Finding answers in the cards

Since I do tend to see what everyone else seem to accomplish, it´s so easy to think others are doing so much better. I don’t envy them as such but it does make it harder for me to move ahead. But when I did a new year tarot spread yesterday which was also under the new moon it dawned on me. I might not be exactly where I had set out to be professionally but mentally and spiritually I have come a long way.

I listened to a podcast by Biddytarot.com and got the spread from there!


Here’s what the cards taught me:

  • During 2016 I’ve been taking small steps in the right direction, slowly with time to reflect. I’m much more creative. I’ve started on a journey inside that has opened so much. I’m more at peace with difficult feelings.
  • I am a free spirit and I don’t like to feel trapped. I’m learning to follow my intuition.
  • My most important lesson for the coming year is that health comes first. If I don’t feel good I won’t get what I deserve. It’s not important what I do. It is how I do it; everything should be done from the heart, with gratefulness of what I have.
  • Nothing should be done in a rush. I need time to reflect. Baby steps are good. Never let others dictate my moves, I decide. I never have to do anything I don’t want to. Negative thoughts will have bad effects.
  • Release what happened in the past. This is now. Focus on finding balance. Welcome the new. I’m heading in the right direction, have fun enjoy. Meditate. Find tine alone for reflection and re-charging.
  • Love my self first and foremost. End what doesn’t work. Clear the closets and drawers throw everything that is in no use.

       Let 2017 become a year of balance and flow!


<3 Following heart <3

So instead of making up all these plans for the coming year, which will only stress me in the end, I decided to give myself few goals that I felt suitable. The main being to stop and listen to my needs at any given moment.

As for my business, well maybe I will start it next year or I will not. When the right time comes, if it comes, I will know for sure.

New year’s eve I will be working which is fine by me. I don’t feel like celebrating anyways, I did that during winter solstice.

But I did decide to do a yoga challenge for 30 days in January will you join me?

Hope you had a fulfilling 2016

and that the next will be just as good or better.