• introvert
  • A year of awakening


    This year is coming to an end. And I’ve been spending it the best way possible by having the house to myself for few days. I needed this to contemplate over the year that has passed and the one who is entering. These past two days I’ve been staying at home doing my bullet journal, […]

  • introvert
  • Follow light


    Lately. I’ve been struggling to keep up on what I find important in life. I don’t know if it’s the darkness that has struck a little bit harder than usual or if it’s grief from having another miscarriage. Whatever the reason tiredness and the inability of doings have seemed difficult to sustain. In a state like […]

  • Inspiration
  • Winter is coming


    Lately it’s been solemnly grey, thick clouds covering the sky. Waking up – it’s grey going out – it’s grey looking out – still grey One must get tired. Still, on the inside, making up a fire, reheating the kettle over and over again. Slow movements, treating one self to something sweet – a home […]

  • Högkänslighet / HSP
  • Att komma till ro


    Hösten är här. Ute gulnar löven och faller ner på marken i rasande takt. Morgnarna är dimmiga och solen får jobba sig fram genom det tunga skiktet. Jag sitter vid mitt skrivbord och har naturen strax utanför. Det är tyst så när på elden som sprakar i vedspisen i köket. Jag är där jag ska […]